Import a lot of models from maya in one scene

How can I Import a lot of models from maya in one scene and working them separated?? In this way i can work each model separated… Thank you


export from maya as collada ( theres a colladaexporter somewhere, i thing googling gets you there fast ).

import into vvvv with the collada node. connect to mesh ( collada ) node. it outputs a spread of meshes. use getSlice to choose the mesh you want. dont forget to do the same with the transform output so that each mesh gets its maya transform when drawed.
you might want to use the camera pin of collada to get your maya camera too.

still seems like a lot of messy patching as you need lots and lots of 3d drawnodes when you work with each single mesh separated.

take care, vvvv doesn’t know grouping or other maya stuff. i guess its best to connect all meshes that make up one single part that you want to work with separate into one before exporting.