Import 3D model .X File

Hi All

I’m trying to import textured 3D model .x file from sketchup. However, when imported via xFile node onto renderer, it shows only mesh(solid)object in green without any texture or render.

Do anyone experienced this subject before? How to load it with its texture?

Please help


P.S. attached file is the sketchup8.0 file i’m using

SketchUp 8.0 file with colour (778.4 kB)

well you have to use a filetexture node to get textures

from where? since i need the texture from the original file.
I’m really sorry since i’m very new to vvvv, please explain a little bit more

XFile(EX9.Geometry Load) has an output called TextureFileName where it returns strings/filnames referencing textures associated with the model.

FileTexture (EX9.Texture) takes strings/filenames and loads the corresponding textures. its output needs to be connected to the same effect you connect the mesh to.

note that the strings/filenames may be absolut or relative. if absolut, the texture files should really be placed where the absolut path points to, if relative, note that vvvv will resolve those relative to the path your current patch is in.

Thanks a lot for your advice joreg, will give a try