Import 2D geometry transparency

Hello All,

Quick question, I hope…

I imported some simple meshes that I would like to be able to modify their transparency through their alpha channel.

I am able to do this with geometry from VVVV like quads and boxes using the phongdirectional dx11 effect node or the constant dx11 effect node. If I use my imported mesh, I am unable to make it transparent. It stays opaque no matter what the alpha values is set to.

If anyone knows a solution or has suggestions, I am all ears. I did not anticipate this issue. I am just trying to make 2D meshes fade in and out of view.

Thank you all for your time and attention in advance! I really appreciate it.
Kind regards,

It was simple… Thank the Digi Gods.

I added a blend dx11 renderstate to my rasterizer, and bingo! Transparent objects from imported geometry.

I must have used the blend in my other transparent experiments and forgot. Transparency is a tricky beast in VVVV I am realizing.