Implementing metaio SDK

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can we fund this?

you can add a “metaio-vvvv-client” bounty under the vvvv-toolkit project on bountysource.
there is bounty pending there for TheEyeTribe node.

I just download & see example file of latest metaio SDK. surely great tracking speed! of course I’d like to contribute this, but I’m not familiar with native Windows programming and unity. so, let’s start from read documentation.

I still like the idea of this as build in addon, but unless metaio does not provide the functionality for writing wrappers and referencing the dlls it may not be possible without hacking.

So what we should do is to spam their forum and ask for c# wrapper

ethermammoth, I found this:

it not written in change log, but we should check it still occur or not.

update: oops, above thread have no connection with our goal. ethermammoth is right…

I posted question on metaio forum and got answer today.

great news!

hi, let’s sharing current status of metaio plugin.

since my last screenshot ( hello-metaio ), I cannot take a time for doing this, but recently resume and break through two big wall.


metaio SDK has 3 way for set image for tracking: from camera, image file, and memory. I succeeded camera one, which select camera and set resolution from vvvv to metaio. unfortunately, we cannot use native VideoIn node as camera source. but input as RAW data with AsRaw will enable. I’ll try it soon.


rendering technique of metaio SDK is based on OpenGL, which not support in vvvv now. so we need to get an image and convert to directX texture as background, then render any 3d object in vvvv with tracking data.
it is supported in SDK, and I succeeded this, too!

still working and require lots of developing, but I can see the goal ;)

metaio plugin release!