Implement SDK EasyBlend

We are a small A/V company in Norway who experience a growing demand for large multiprojectorarrays in the market.vvvv would be our choice to satisfy this demand, because its seems to be so awesome, if only we could get a fast, easy and good calibration of the projectors(no white gamma stripe and hours of aligning in different arenas at a pressured timeshedual). I found out EasyBlend( solve this. They have a desktop solution but it is more expensive then the calibration engine. They say they have a free sdk that is easy to implement and i wonder if this would be interesting and possible for vvvv, or if there alredy is another existing solution to this problem.


sounds very interesting and looks like it could be implemented easily as a plugin. from what i understand the warping part simply creates data that would let you create grids in vvvv accordingly and put textures on them. i am not sure though about the edgeblending part, there is not much text available about that part.

note though that the free sdk is only one part of the story. you’d still need their desktop solution that computes the actual warping/blending. the sdk only allows you to read-in the computed data.

Thank you joreg for your quick reply.
As i understand it from them, the desktop solution is sold as software independent and the warp and blend engine as a not as expensive per projector software dependent license. They said it should run seamless with practically any software that get the sdk implemented.

I joust wonder if the more expensive desktop version is needed? There is a price list at: where the easyblend price is software dependent per screen license, and vista the desktop solution. The difference was big enough for us to post the question:)