ImGUI TabItem is broken in latest preview

Bon matin,

In latest preview (5.3-31), the TabItem widget seems to be broken. Here’s a dummy patch with two tabs on 5.3-31 :

The TabBar seems to be there, but the tabs are not displayed.

This is the same patch on the previous preview (5.3-20) :

Here’s the patch if wanna repro :

TabItem.vl (15.0 KB)



Thanks. The system is feeding a channel with value false to the Visibility pin (which one could argue is correct, because it says the default is false) while in previous versions it was feeding a dummy channel. Upcoming preview will address this by again feeding a dummy channel, but the node itself should get reviewed, because interacting with that pin feels really off. It doesn’t do anything on first click, because it jumps to true and also it doesn’t reset itself, needs F9.


Thanks for the explanations.

I just also noticed that CollapsingHeader’s Visible pin has to be toggled off and on again for the widget to show up in latest preview (5.3-34). Reporting here because it seems related to the issue you just described.

Indeed, other nodes were also affected. There was still something not right with the handling of default values for those Channel<T> pins. Fixed in latest (5.3-39).