ImageToTexture problem

Newbie here once more to ask a question, Working on a project and im looking to replace a Circle[Stride.Textures.Source] With an image. I tried using the processes shown on the picture, but this absolutely nuked my graphics card, and i had to reinstall my drivers because it crashed so hard. Is there a better way to set it up?

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Are you looking for the FileTexture node?

How big is your texture? How many slices goes into the foreach region?

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The FileTexture node worked. But i actually dont know how big my texture is, i drew a picture and exported it as an png image. Importing that into VVVV. When you say texture size do you mean the dpi? or the pixles?

Only the pixels are relevant. it shouldn’t be much bigger than the amount of pixels it will end using on screen. the rest is just a waste of performance as you can’t see it anyways and tools like, gimp/photoshop/affinity photo are better at scaling images than the GPU, especially if it is scaled a lot.

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Ah that makes sens thank you i will try and rescale the pixles