Image sequence player

I was messing around with playing image sequences smoothly for a project I’m working on and came up with this. It might be a little buggy, but I thought it was kind of cool. I’ve included two sequences, 20 640x480 images rendered out of 3dsm. I’ve tried this with up to 64 640x480 images, and even 60 800x600 images and it handles it fine as long as you have enough physical memory (if you break into virtual memory it causes stuttering).

Anyway, let me know what you think, I just thought some people might be interested in it.

Here’s the file: (1.89 Mb)

hey very cool

thank you dujoducom

Thanks. I didn’t include them (because they are too big) but there are a lot of websites with image sequences on them for testing at this website (that I posted to the shoutbox earlier).

I used the Yale face database B for the 64 image sequences and they played much better than I anticipated, even at 60+fps (well, images per second, anyway). The only annoying thing is that some of the sequences are in odd formats, the Yale one was in pgm.

I just uploaded a fix (see the original post). I forgot to connect the “count” node to to the “counter” maximum value pin.

Even newer fix. This time I optimized the whole looping functionality, opting for the frac + LFO node instead of a counter, which makes the looping very easy using the “Sine” function of a waveshaper. If I would have remembered the Frac node I never would have made it the other way. Live and learn.

I also made it so you can go through the image sequence by clicking and dragging with the left mouse button on the render window.

i play 512x256 jpg sequences, currently from 450 directories and thats 127.682 pictures, so loading to vram is no good for me because i want to access any picture at any time, but playing this size works good even on my toshiba laptop. will post the flash gui and patch later