Image rotation

when making a simple patch with an image, a quad renderer and a transform i am noticing that when i apply a rotation the image is not rotated but sheared, ie. the corners are no longer at right angles to each other. this is not a function of the window shape as this persist when saving the image at the resolution of the renderer. seems like the quad is stretched to fit the renderer size. is there a simple way to rotate an image without getting this?

hei mo,

have you read about dx9 rendering#coordinate systems yet?

You might not have used aspect ratio correction.

see attached patch, will that approach solve your problem?

RotatingImageAspect.v4p (5.9 kB)

no i haven’t - will do it now.

and thanks sune!

Hi guys
I am new to the community and start my first question:

¿ How to rotate image kinect OpenNI and MS …?

the first thing you need to solve is the vertical rotation of the image of kinect how?

the second is to ensure that the detection of hands to work, and then use that data to a direct interaction with 2D and 3D objects; me a white dot on the left and right but not respond why?

the other option would be to use MIDI data to interact with the dynamics of the images …

everything is for the musical genre berlin school, so they have stars, many lights, planets, mountains and starships …
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