I'm looking for some quick project help

I’m a DJ/producer/artist that’s new to the world of visuals but being a huge geek this hasn’t been too difficult to get my head around. I just started messing around with vvvv, but I’d like for someone with previous experience to put my project on the fast track. I’m trying to create a simple system to display generative visuals during my live show. I’d also like to incorporate sound and visual input from a web cam and some jpeg images along with the visuals to personalize it and create variation.

If I had 2-3 months to dedicate I could probably figure everything out, but here’s the kicker…

I have only one month till my next CD release party, so I need someone to quickly help me choose the proper gear, create the code, and troubleshoot if need be. I’m sure there’s someone out there that has already done this this before and has the code laying around. I’m on a shoestring budget, but I am willing to provide some sort of monetary compensation for the help.

would be interesting to hear where you are located?

I’m in Nashville, TN…not exactly a hot bed for creative new media.

well, our fellows are spread over the whole world.
but the nearest to you that i know are @dujoducom|dujoducom)) somewhere in wisconsin or my brother ((user:qwiks in quebec ?!?

sadly, sadly it’s little bit ago that i saw one of them around here

Yeah…Wisconsin is like 14 hours away from me…practically another country. That’s why I trying to do this over the net. I must admit I’ve been a bit disappointed in the lack of response and feedback I’ve received via email. I guess visual artists are just as temperamental as musicians…or I’m asking for too much.

…a bit disappointed in the lack of response and feedback I’ve received via email.

well, most of us are used to meet each other here…

the both i mentioned are the only ones i know on your continent.
that doesn’t mean that they are the only ones.