I'm looking for a mentor


I’ve recently discovered vvvv after seeing this video:

Skyence – INSCT
by Johannes Timpernagel


I’m a student Cross Media Design at Arteveldehogeschool Ghent and for my bachelor project i would like to create something similar. I would also like to make a music-video animation with the use of vvvv.

I don’t know how to work with vvvv yet but i’m willing to learn everything.

I would really like to make this my bachelor project but for this to be approved by my lectures i need at least one mentor first.

So i’m here to ask if any of u would like to be my mentor. This person task would be to help me with my problems and give me hints&tips etc… Of course i’m gonna learn as much as possible by tutorials and on-line lectures first and i could ask questions on the forum but i also need a real mentor. If I don’t have a real name for a mentor i don’t get to do this as my bachelor project…

I really hope at least one of you would like to help me!


Hi! Welcome.

I guess you can always ask Johannes if you have any particular questions, I forget what his username is…

Otherwise feel free to ask questions on the forums if you need to know something!

helo jizzzzle,
johannes is claybusterpearl at the forum, but i dont think he visits this site very often.

about the mentoring you can send me an email:
or ask every question in the forum, the people are nice and answers coming quick.