Ilda laser control with usb interface?


Has anyone done something with laser control using an ilda interface ?

I saw that there’s the Lumax node, but here in Argentina only have the Mamba Black Ilda interface.

have a look-see:

so, yes, ILDA control from v4 is a go, however, no reports on the black mamba, aka. the hyperport usb to ilda. would be interested to hear back if you’ve got one, and esp. if you’ve used it with v4!

Can you control a laser’s x/y position in realtime with any of this kit?

yes, with any ilda-capable device and ilda controller - that’s essentially what they’re for. these threads are more about making the kit work with v4 (i know lumax does ootb) :)

I mean from v4.

So can, using dmx/artnet, send continuous x/y values to for example, follow a tracked object within the laser’s ‘fov’?

i was able to send dmx only, i would love to try with the lumax, but its a little expensive…
with dmx i was able to make a few fun things…

but dmx framerate, well, the board of the laser its a little bit slow to respond to the dmx changes

hi, we have some handmade prototype that works in 4v, but plans to release are only on next year… Be careful since laser are really tender for noisy lines,
so use only curves, we burned couple fuse’s this kazantip, were’t fun at all.

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@antokhio its an arduino base DAC or soundcard dac ?

some intresting links related…

yes and more (soundcard DAC based):

my question: how difficult would it be to hack this further, so that it supports ILDA output (in addition to plain x-y servo control)

hey all, how about the medialas USB ILDA box?