If else style logic

I have not figured out how to implement if else style logic in VVVV yet. The task at hand is to have a counter count down once it has reached the top. I was thinking: divide counter output by counterMax -> when “1” send to togEdge to trigger switch(output) but since VVVV doesnt let you create logicloops (which thanks I would have been locking up all day) I cannot send the output of the switch to up and down pins.

Another instance of the style logic I am refrencing, is to keep a minimum scale to a transform unless a certain value (Audio RMS for example) rises above a threshold level, in which the values above the threshold are then added to the minimum. I have this solved with a switch (kind of - min=1) but I know it can be smoother


hey ptek, got a screenshot or a patch for us? Makes it easier to understand and solve the problem!
If I got right what you’re saying, then I think there’s not a definite “if else” solution in vvvv, there a different custom solutions for it using different nodes.

Please read Basic Programming Concepts and especially Creating Feedback Loops

Well, the if else than logic can be made with all the Boolean operators ( < = > OR AND etc…) and a few switches.

The counter pins are best triggered by BANGS, which you can create using a change or togedge node. look here

For your threshold, make it smoother by applying a filter (see the compare filters.v4p in Girlpower that comes with vvvv, I think you want a Decay) and/or add a gamma curve. Also the Map (value) nodes should be helpful here.

Example patches indeed makes us help you to solve troubles or issues more easy and clear.