IDS Camera glitch when loading configuration VL



hi vvvvolks,

i am experiencing a glitch when using the uEye ( plugin for VL… whenever i try to load an .ini file that i generated with the IDS software 1/4th of the image gets compressed to the left side. the changes get applied and the live feed continues, the other 3/4 are frozen though… the same thing happens when i use the Reset to Defaults pin…

Although, when i use the right height an width again after the glitch, i get a proper image again… it acts like a reset, in a way…

I am using this model: UI-3160CP-M-GL Rev.2.1

Any thoughts or ways to fix that would be appreciated.



you can give that a try if you want:

it’s not completed, and you can’t load a config.ini, but you should be able to set all the cam-params in the patch directly with dedicated process nodes. see the demo-patch (which is also quite messy atm. but you should get the idea)


hey sebl,

i gave your plugin another spin…
with your newest iteration i am not getting any red nodes anymore and it actually works flawlessly here,
also setting the AOI works as well as setting the framerate and the other parameters. Using the config.ini from the IDS software is not necessary with your repo. Maybe it is good to get an orientation for the proper parameters but yeah… nice work!