Ids cam settings

hi all,
some questions about the ids camera
is there any way to store/recall the ids camera settings
basicly using the videoin node:

on one hand you have to flip the image vertically and adjust other image setting (video capture filter) each time you (re)launch vvvv
on the other hand you don’t have access to all the image settings
through the property pin of the videoin node ( like format, timing, image size) accessible through the video capture pin

i try to put the good settings using Amcap or Graphedit
but it doesn’t seems to recall those particular settings in vvvv
there’s some load/save eeprom user set 1 & 2 , local registry options
available using graphedit or the ueye software…
but vvvv don’t use them with the videoin node
so i read some thread and found no clear solution
is there a way to fix the settings via the GUID registry key (1 per device)
or to store/recall the eeprom user set

btw using 3 ids cam @ 1024/25fps (with the videoin node or joreg’s ueye plugin) + 1 Wifi ip cam + 1 usb cam works like a charm.

hhhm, i don’t know if this is useful for you:

for every webcam i have i used to make a module containing VideoIn and VideoTexture with my favourite settings.

but it seems that your problem is a little more complex…

you need to save the settings into the registry. also note, that with the ids cams there are a whole lot more of advanced settings like binning, subsampling and AoI possible, which can also be saved to registry.

as stated here:, you need to set all your settings in the demo program that ships with the ids drivers, save them somewhere (eeprom or ini), then open up amcap and reload the settings (from eeprom or ini) and save them again to registry. then all apps that are using the directshow stream will take the settings from the registry.

the technician from ids told me all this is because there is currently no way to do the advanced settings in the standard video property page, hence the workaround with the registry.