Idea: node browser dynamic filter based on data type

I am starting using gamma and it looks really exciting, good job devvvvs!

I was a Linux user and was forced to use Windows to play with beta, now I am a Mac user and I am forced using Windows to play with gamma. Ahahah

As a programmer I think that typings is a really good idea, and as a newbie gamma user I thought it could be really nice to have a preset filter on the node browser based on typings.

My idea is the following

  1. I create a node
  2. I create a link from an output pin
  3. I middleclick and open the node browser
  4. (Proposal here) there could be a filter that shows me only the nodes that has an input pin of the same type

ai fibo,

this is indeed one of the most requested features, so rest assured we have it in mind and its priority is increased with every time this is asked for…

please don’t make us beg another couple years

i still keep the archived tears from the node browser pain from LINK. it was more than a man can handle