I made a patch with python code in a frame box , so u can talk to python from Gamma

Hey mates!

I did a gamma patch for being able to talk with python scripts. The gamma part was easy, but i struggled with the python code.

Now this script accepts just a value , i’ll be uploading the python script for being able to recieve as much data as you need.


gamma osc to a python script in thonny.vl (16.4 KB)

It was time to give back to the communitty.

Stay tuned for more Python-vvvvGamma power!
(send NDI video from python, with the object detection and 3d coordinates as osc values, from a 3d and depth perception cameras with neuronal networks integrated, like the oak-d from Luxonis, and the depthAI library).

There are crazy easy physics libraries like pymunk.

See u soon

So much power.


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