I have to fill vertical quad colmns in a given spread

I created a column made of quads, it is 10x300, i spreaded it 32 times horizontally to have 96000 elements, now I’m trying to color quads inside of them but i need that each column is filled before passing to the next, maybe it’s my flu but i can’t solve this, I think I should remap somewhat the indices

patch please

ringbuffer with phase playing ?

here’s the patch, as you can see SetSlice increment horizzontally, while I a m looking to fill each column from top to bottom and then pass to the next one, as the index of the quads are sequential, I think some remapping should be done (1-10…321-330…641-650 etc)…any suggestion? thx

columnz_example.v4p (11.9 kB)

You want to resample your 32 colors to 320 colors, using the POINT mode. If you apply that to your quads, you will have the individual collumns colored.

But now the obvious question, what is it that you want to accomplish? 960000 quads is never good for performance, I am almost sure that, what ever it is, it can be done easier and smoother.

no idea why one wants to do this. (12.9 kB)

No it’s not like that, I’ preparing a grid of 96000 elements,divided in 32 columns with 3000 quads each, i want to use them as a statistical rapresentation for data, so, in the 1st column (10x300)there will be for example 462 red quads, filled sequentially (if you set spread to 1 instead of 32 you can see the right way to fill it) from the bottom to the top, the next color i.e. blue will start from the 463rd up, untill the first column is filled, then going to the 2nd clomunn, the 3rd etc…

Perhaps a little patch, with less quads, and than show what you want to do, sounds bit like a maths problem. I tried to make what you asked, I used a dynamic texture for performance reasons.

32Collums with3000colors.v4p (14.8 kB)

i tought there was some magic in -
thx! i will meditate on this nfor a while
ANYWAY i will stick to the previous patch for the aestethic of those 96k quads, jeez they’re so cute… ;)

hi west,
I’m trying to fix my quad patch with some suggestions from the one you posted, any idea how to do the same on the old patch? I see you semplified with Dynamic Texture, it works fine, but it’s not what i was trying to do, I need to control each column and feed some values…any idea?

My next try, but dude, you need a decent PC to run this. My i7 is not pulling this too well.

I add a way to calculate the size, just change some values in the / (value) to change that.

TooManyQuads.v4p (24.4 kB)

thx dud i missed the resampling ;)