I can't load my image in vvvv gamma

Hi, I am using vvvv gamma 5.0 in Mac (Paralles).
I’m not sure if that’s the reason, but I get an error when loading the image.
How can I connect my Path in this case?

스크린샷 2023-10-23 오후 9.12.34

Must be absolute location and not relative location .C:\Users\Administrator\Pictures\1400X873.jpg

I want to change the path, but as soon as I input it, it keeps reverting to the initial path.
Nevertheless, I appreciate your help.

Try the ToPath node maybe

paths are relative to the patch location, or the exe when exported. so you should not open patches from a network folder. copy the patch to your local hard drive to get an absolute path.

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Thanks for replies. I fixed it :))

How exactly? Just like Tebjan wrote?

I’m also running Gamma (5.2 and 5.3) on Mac Parallels. I get around this situation mapping the network path to a Windows drive letter, so /Mac/Docs shows as M:/Docs


@Alexandre_Rangel Thank you so much! With your method, I can link texture files directly on my Mac.

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@chk I solved it through tonfilm and Alxandre_Rangel’s answers. Both methods are possible.
(I haven’t tried the solution using ToPath yet.)

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@sweettomato glad I could help!
I’m also getting smooth workflow by placing my vvvv_projects dir on a dropbox folder, so both Mac and Windows can work on the same project files (local synced copies on both machines).