I can not get an image in the Renderer (EX9)

I’ve been trying to get an image in the Renderer (EX9) window, but it only stays grey. I’m new on vvvv and don’t know how things are supposed to look. I can not see if I’m doing something wrong with vvvv or if it might be something else I have to do with my computer?

For example: if I connect sphere(DX9) to Renderer (EX9), am I supposed to see something happen?

Also when I open the examples that use render(RX9) I can not se anything in the render-window.

many thanks for help!

did you install the DirectX Runtime? if not have a look here. or maybe you are running the hole thing under paralleles in osx?

anayway have a look at the ver helpful tutorials section


for what i know a grey renderer always means severe problems with your graphics adaptor and/or directx.

is it 32bit?

do you work on very old hardware?

start with an empty patch.
create a Renderer (TTY) .
then create a Renderer (EX9) .
copy/paste the TTY-log here.

m9dfukc --> you’re right, I use osx! to be abel to run vvvv on my mac I use the program VMware Fusion. I have installed windows xp on my virtual pc and also directX 9.

kalle --> the quality is set to 32bit, both in windows xp and osx! my hardware is not old. here comes the log:

  • :[event.call: error occured in TMex9RenderNode](event.call: error occured in TMex9RenderNode): Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 0056E3B0 in Modul ‘vvvv.exe’. Lesen von Adresse 00000000

as I know only the new beta supports direct x9. you also have to enable hardware acceleration first (if you use vmware 2.0 beta … somewhere in the settings) for vmware 1.x it won"t work.

hope that helps
best m9dfukc

You got it! it is true that I have the early version of vmware. i’ve already been through some problems with vmware. now i’ll try boot camp!

thanks a lot for your kind and helpful answers!

Use BootCamp if you’re serious with vvvv, all other solutions like VMWare are not recommended as they impose a lot of (known) problems not known to beginners. Unless you just want to try something out quickly (not using directx), use BC.