Hum hum .. strings ... and [ ] udp

ok, this is not at all conventionnal as a question…
just trying little things to communicate from vvvv to one of my app…
this app receives midi from a string in udp.
there is no osc, no keywords, just a simple string.

i do not arrive to figure out how to do this is in vvvv:

my string is named udp_buffer,and is a (10) string to be sended
() is in fact brakets
this strings contains the numerical value like this


which means this buffer is made of letters…

is there any trick in vvvv to handle this or am I missing something ? cheers

ess.v4p (10.5 kB)

use SpellValue (String) in ASCII mode. this will convert numbers to the corresponding character.

Use a Stallone (Spreads) (or an IOBox) to create a spread with 10 values, then SpellValue then + (String Spectral) to make the spread of characters in to one string of characters.

really thanks oschatz !


hi all,
finally had some time to look inside of it…
thanks first to oschatz.

everything works great for a simple signal sended in bang, like a key on or key off.

If udp sending is set in Toggle mode, moving slider value is giving a lot of latencies …

My question is : how to see if I have moved the slider , in order to emit a sending udp bang on each change of signal to send the udp string ?

To_schwartzpeter_udpsender.v4p (14.0 kB)

A Change (String) would do the trick, that produces a bang everytime the string from the + (String Spectral) changes, so connect it between your + and Send nodes.

west… I love u …

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