HuffYuv works strange

Hi all,

I tried to manage a shader for alphachannel movies by split the movie into a upper color and a lower alpha part. It works great but Ive got a big problem with that HuffYuv-Codec.

The image looks stormy like a big hurrican from the left. See attached file. In Compositingprog AFX it is quite normal in preview but not the footage preview.
The footage is sampled from original Avid-Codec.

I think its something about Yuv and RGB or DirectShow.

Some video-codec-pro out there who can help me?
Or any hint to workaround that?

Clipboard02.jpg (18.5 kB)

so if i understand you correctly, once after effects compresses to a huffyuv, you get this effect? And it shows up in every media player, which means it is in the file?
What if you output to uncompressed first and then try recompressing in another app like virtualdub etc.? Haven’t used the latest AFX versions, but I always felt it sometimes does do weird compression errors with exotic codecs?

Hi max,

now I focused the problem and prog. All errors are made by Combustion. I am keying there the footage. I tried several version between Combustion and AFX, unkompressed, HuffYuv, Quicktime, footage, mask and complete compositing.
Got a bunch of files on harddisk and no way out now:
everytime I took video in Combustion (I need that because of the superb keyingtool) ALL following files will have that error.

I had asking a combustion forum for help. May be its something with interpret the original Avidfiles (Meridien ITU R-601 Colorspace). Think AFX will grab it and nevermind, but Combustion not.

By the way can Vvvv filestream understand Quicktime Sorenson3 or H264? Or does it crash because of some stomry pixels inside?

Thanks Frank

Ok, I solved the problem !!! Jippie :D Spend two days for that :x

HuffYuv only works with aspect ratio 4:3!
I had read the homepage twice and never found a hint, nor an error before rendering.

Ciao Frank