HTTPGet xml file over https - does not work

Hi people,

I found strange bug,
both in 45beta28.1 and alpha 28.3
when I try to load xml file from https.

Please, see attached patch.


getXML.v4p (6.7 kB)

Unfortunately HTTPS is no longer supported due to an outdated library.

Here you’ll find a HTTP plugin by @phlegma that supports HTTPS. It’s still a bit buggy (especially when cancelling/restarting requests) but def usable.

or try the latest alpha. see: unicorn-in-alpha-builds

SSL does not work for alpha28.4,
gives me> Could not load SSL library.

oui, forgot to add them .dlls
will update later…

;>… no text …

please try latest alpha again.

Confirmed, works like a charm :-)