HTTPGet Node ignoring subscripted 2


to explain the workflow quickly:
I am reading a Google Spreadsheet from the Drive with the HTTPGet node. After getting the content I need to save it as a .txt file to read it back and spread it in the network.


So the problem is that I can type the lowered 2 ₂₂₂₂ into the spreadsheet, but the HTTPGet Node is interpreting it as a normal 2. Although the encoding of the HTTPGet Node is set to UTF-8 - which should be correct right?

see here the output which I am receiving from the HTTPGet node:


Any ideas on that?

thanks a lot!

depends on the actual encoding that is returned by the server. i think the result Header would usually include info regarding encoding. can you check what it reports?

ah yes the header is giving me the following information …


which actually looks fine so far. charset=UTF-8 !

ja, looks good. but now i’m afraid it will be difficult to find out more without having access to the actual stream…

can you do: HTTPGet Body -> directly to Writer (String). so that should contain the subscript 2 somewhere, right? if that doesn’t…i don’t really see where things could go wrong.

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