HTTP (Network Server) delivers changed content at 2nd refresh

Hello dear devvvvs,

im facing a problem with HTTP (Network Server).
If the content changes, my browser(s) shows these changes finally after second refreshing attempt.
I’ve already checked out, there seems to be no problem with caching or so. The site is freshly loaded from server every time, but at first refresh the server delivers the old content.
Demopatch is attached.

Thank you for your help.

htttp demo.v4p (3.4 kB)

still quite likely a browser caching issue. i get the same behavior with chrome but with latest IE11 on win8.1 it works as expected.

servus joreg,

thanks for trying, damned chrome reports the file to be loaded freshly from server within 44ms every time…
before reporting this as a bug, i asked a web guy who told me it must be the server…

Telling anyone only to use IE11 can’t be the best solution for this issue.
I’m sorry for calling this a bug.

This is indeed bit frustrating.
For me it happens with any browser:
IE,Chrome,Firefox,Safari on iOS.

Although seems only for text/html mime types.
When updating images/jpg for example it does not happen.
Please consider

45beta33.3 x64

A good case is changing the url name in v4.
Now refreshing (Shift+F5) the page in the browser once loads the page again.
(But it should not be available on that url anymore)
A second refresh brings finally the not found error.

Thanks for report and test patch. Should be fixed in upcoming release.