HTTP (Network Receiver)

Seems buggy, a bang is received when something is posted on the browser but no data is available apart from he header parameters.

ah yes. new behaviour of library used in backend. if you can live without binary data (like images etc.) remove the enctype=“multipart/form-data” part from your form.

as this link explains we need to deal with binary form data on our own now, because putting binary data into a string like it was done before the unicorn switch just doesn’t make sense anymore.

maybe the node will need some kind of new pins. we need to differentiate between strings and binary data. not sure yet how to proceed here. will need a discussion i guess.

Any solution here? Or do I have to stick with the old version? I try to transfer images from an iPad. Works fine with 28.1 but not with actual versions. Is there any workaround? Thanks…

+1 how can i recieve a file in vvvv?

i still can’t give you any updates on this issue when this will be fixed. in the meantime the only thing i can suggest is writing a plugin using the HttpClient class from .net