HTMLTexture status update

in the last couple of days i addressed a few issues regarding the HTMLTexture node. here’s a list of changes:

  • crashed when doing fast url switching (see here): fixed by blocking until internal used CEF browser object (used by each slice of a renderer) is created.
  • crashed when decreasing the width/height inputs (see fixed by doing an intersect for each dirty rectangle reported by cef before writing to the texture.
  • crashed when setting new “Update DOM” pin to true: should be fixed by new blocking behaviour in constructor.
  • fixed various issues in CefXmlReader (used to translate CefDom to XDocument/XElement).
  • updated bindings to latest released CEF 1.1364.1123 (see official website for a complete list of changes)

now here come a few reported issues i couldn’t fix:

and here comes a list of feature requests i didn’t have time yet to address:

revision of new alpha build containing these changes is: 4e55ee7da0 (being built in the moment of writing this)