HTMLTexture and touch input

Hi vvvvorum,
I’m playing with HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL) and I want to interact with a website by a touchscreen but the node has only Mouse Event input pin.

Is there any way to connect a touch input?


Create your own mouse from Touch events:

MouseEvents (Mouse Join)
MouseState (System Join)

Well, connecting touch to the mouse join is never as it should, because users are expecting touch gestures to work… If you can live without, go ahead and try Mouse Join.

See point 1) of my last reply here

@@Elias: sorry but web stuff and code are not my friends :) It means that is it impossible to have a touch input? I have to interact with a website with scroll, pan and single touch gestures… :(

I switched to Renderer (HTML URL) and did some tests. It works out of the box with touch input but some gestures don’t work (eg. horizontal pan on a slideshow). Which version of Internet Explorer engine does it use? Win8.1 Explorer works with all gestures…

navigate it to and you should see it reporting: You are using Internet Explorer 11.0

Test results on the same PC:

  • Renderer (HTML URL) with html5test: IE 11.0 on Windows 8 (371 points)
  • Explorer with html5test: IE 11.0 on Windows 8.1 (376 points)

They are similar but some gestures (eg. horizontal pan on a slideshow) don’t work on the vvvv renderer.

Is there any solution?

i couldn’t tell. we don’t have the resources to investigate this at the moment.

As listed by html5test the only difference is that vvvv renderer doesn’t support Pointer Events.

good find. that pointed me to

please get latest alpha, run setup.exe once (this will register the key mentioned in that link). then run vvvv and open the helppatch of Renderer (HTML URL) to see that “Pointer Events” are now available.

Yep! I confirm that now Renderer (HTML URL) has the same behavior of Internet Explorer 11.0.
Thanks @joreg!

Next step is HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL) with Touch Event ;)