HTML visualization


I’m trying to make a vote preview.
I have already done the visual part and the VVVV update the data of the site, but I can not export the numbers.
I need option 1 (currently 31 votes) to go to the view counter.
Does anyone have a solution?
Thank you!Vis_01.v4p (19.2 KB)


If you don’t want to crawl the raw html code for the data you can use the visual way via OCR.

Super hacky, but may work.


I have the body of HTML in text, I can not specifically extract that 36 to put in the counter.



Include the html text in your patch so it’s easier for people here to help you. I am unable to read that webpage.


this version has the html text include.
Vis_02.v4p (18.3 KB)


What your problem boils down to is about parsing text. There is quite little html and the information you need is along some lines of plain text anyway. There are some nodes in the string category that you can use to break it down and get the part you need. Have a look at separate, sift, select and substitute in particular. At the end use asvalue to connect to the counter.
If you are more adventurous have a look at the regex node and regular expressions in general. You can probably get your number with just one magical query.


Thank u so much!
I solved the problem using the suggested tools!