Html texture transparent background

hey guys,

long time no see ;)

… really like the html texture stuff … is there a way to get a texture with transparent background a) with normal html b) with a flash movie clip?


In HTML (CSS) setting the body background-alpha to 0 should do it.

     background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0);


     background-color: rgb(255,255,255); 

As far as I know the latter also affects the children whereas the first doesn’t.

And if I remember correctly, @Elias mentioned that the alpha is premultiplied,
thus you have to set the blend mode accordingly using Blend (EX9.RenderState Advanced)

No idea about flash though.


wonder why that didn’t came to my mind beforehand .)

rgba did it for me, thanks ;)

ok, back on this … it’s driving me mad :(

I thought it works but now I’ve the problem again … it doesn’t seem to work. any help would be appreciated. (19.8 kB)

Seems to be a known issue with CEF. But according to this changelog should have been fixed with version 1.1180.832. Don’t know which version is used in current vvvv alpha.


according to this the CEF version currently in use is 1.1025.607.

it seems wmode=“transparent” doesn’t work. actually it was fixed in revision 640 of CEF, but the current plugin uses revision 607. moving to the latest revision (832) is not that trivial, as i’d need to update the used bindings. i’ll therefor wait a little longer till more issues come up. so i guess you’ll have to live with it for now.


thanks for the feedback - at least I know that I’m not the crazy part in the system ;) … will feed the background color via javascript now … nasty workaround but better than nothing.

i really like the html renderer for displaying text within vvvv, but

since i have multiple color gradients as backgrounds i am not able to adapt the background color of the html.
i really need a way to multiply/blend/whatever the html texture(dark colors) onto my light colored backgrounds.
if i use blend mode:multiply with the html textures the text has some ugly artifacts around every letter.

anyone an idea?

Can you post an example patch+HTML?

regarding the flash/transparent background issue:
i updated the cef bindings to work with the latest released version: 1.1180.832. see the cef project for a detailed list of changes/fixes. hope that helps. available as always in latest alpha version of vvvv (b0f911f1, 32bit only).

i just tested the latest alpha build and thanks to elias, vvvv is up to date with cef and is able to render flash with alpha channel into a texture.

for flash you have to set:

wmode: “transparent”

and the html body:

background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0)

this has great potential!

Is there alread any solution for this ugly text displaying when using a transparent background? (4.3 kB)