HTML Texture Rotate and interaction with Mouse and Multitouch

In the HTML Texture Example the Mouse works with the Scrollbars by mapping the coordinates to another range.

But what would you do if you would like to rotate the HTMLTexture?
With the technique in the example you wouldnt be able to interact with HTMLTexture as soon as a rotation is applied.

I tried Apply Transform but it remains a hard nut for me…

Attached a patch. Help is very appreciated!

Best greetings

HTMLTexture Rotate Mouse interaction.v4p (22.3 kB)

i think you missed to convert from the renderer space (-1 … 1) to the quad space (-0.5 … 0.5). you also have to use the aspect ratio to calculate the texture size in pixels.

HTMLTexture Rotate Mouse interaction2.v4p (22.4 kB)

thanks a lot :)

okey more questions.

How to apply the translate?
Do I realy have to do the mapping? Because that seems inefficient to me in a dynamic application…

And I does it work with multitouch? Right now i am just feeding the mousestate with the touch point spreads and i cannot realy say if it works or not…

oh… didn’t tested this. the order of the transformations was wrong. try the new patch.

if the scaling of the touch events is the same as the mouse there should be no problem. although i don’t know how the html texture node handles multiple mouse events…

HTMLTexture Rotate Mouse interaction3.v4p (22.5 kB)

ah this is better, great!

okey multitouch scrolling doesnt work.

Lets say, it works almost.

If you click one scrollbar and move while clicking anoher scrollbar highlights the second scrollbar as well but it does not move, the other continues moving.

Any chance that Elias opens this construction site one more time? :)

well the code is open source, you could have a look at it and see if you find a solution on your own. but maybe elias can elaborate on that a bit more.

okey good. actaully it could also be that i got something wrong.
because in your radiobutton (gui, multitouch) its the same issue.
And this is actaully named ‘multitouch’. Is this supposed to work with spreaded mousestate?

i am afraid its a bug. the gui multitouch isn’t really multitouch, the tag should be removed… you should use the other ones from vux with the id input.

this is still an open issue at cef. and even if it’d get fixed we’d still need to do the switch to cef 3.