HTML Texture input + / output pin suggestions

Great work this new HTML Texture Node,

would be nice to have an 1) “audio OUT” or “volume pin” too
to remote the volume of each page to combine different websites
with their audio… e.g seperate mixing and controlling then via
audiomixer would be cool to preview different contents,
or to separate audio channels…

  1. “pre-load” or any “stop/pause the script” pin
    would be even amazing…
    for pre-listening into e.g. the audio and back,
    or to pre-buffer the content…

btw: the “current URL” updates NOT correct
if toggle links/buttons via internal scipts…

  1. something for a quick “read out” of pages
    would help to “collect” keywords for reading
    their links into a new mapping like Stream2k
    for an own i.e. content player…

  2. kind a “PopUp killer” pin would be loverly!

best regards

thank you :)

ad 1)
puh, when writing the node and playing with the CEF API i can’t remember any method dealing with audio. would it be possible to ask that question in the CEF forums and if you get an answer come back to us?

ad 2)
will need to look into this.

ad 3)
no idea what you’re talking about ;)

ad 4)
i thought popups get ignored. or do they behave like a redirect? thing is that in some cases a user clicks a link which opens in a “new window”. we decided to simply display that new window intstead of creating a new texture (which would get super confusing). so question is whether or not it is possible to detect if a popup comes from a click or some javascript…

how about copy-paste functionality ?

thanks elias,

first to ad 1) maybe would be better if you could ask for
that question in the CEF forums, cause i´m a not a real coder…
more like a user… So my suggestion was ment more like a wishlist

ad 4) together with ad 3) my idea was for my girlfriend
creating a better player i.e. always this
fucckin´PopUps girls fingering is too hard for her little
6j. daughter just watching her favorite toons NOT clickin´
each part by part…

ad 3) was asking for something like a “keymatch” searching
for words inside the HTML to root them however to a list
of possible files to play…

like: “toon name” + codec “stream2k”…

best regards,

what about adblock plus plugin? can we install it? it would get rid of almost all annoying things…

adblock plus plugin… ?? inside vvv… ??

I already “requested” this feature during pre-official-alpha-testing. Would be really nice to be able to install chrome plugins and addons.