HTML node crash - instant with vvvvv

fresh download, add either html string or url node results in exception with total vvvv crash afterwards.

i just wanted to see the magic :(

exception log files (11.4 kB)

hmpf. libcef.dll couldn’t be found. at least a clear error message. thing is, once you create the HTMLTexture node a certain kind of code should get called which adds addonpack/lib/nodes/plugins/Dependencies/CefGlue to your path. seems to me that kind of code doesn’t get called…
anyone else experiencing this?

workaround for you would be to add this path to your PATH environment variable. but of course that shouldn’t be the final solution. anything special you can tell me about your vvvv installation?

same problem here.
libcef.dll couldn’t be found.

I get the same thing, added the path to PATH and now I get the next error:

“CefBrowser.Create error.”

VVVV stays alive unlike without the path but HTMLTexture turns into a red node.

Running Vista, something that shouldn’t be a problem but in my experience too often has been (not with vvvv but other software) is having software run from under my user directory including exotic ‘ö’ characters…

Exception log (27.7 kB)

windows 7/64, nothing special really.

edit: i tried copying the dll to the plugins folder last night…looked like the dll was found because exception message changed to beyons.

so no solution either

as a workaround for now delete addonpack\lib\nodelist.xml

ok, download latest alpha. should work now.

testing latest I get same error

oops 15:34 --> 15:52…getting latest now

at least is not crashing, thx!
but get several errors
and some mesages appear if you put some white background on render node :)

error 106?

coulde be this one?

Error 106 (net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED): The Internet connection is lost

I’m not that much into debugging

ähm you have to be a little more precise. better even open a new thread and attach a test patch to it which i can use to reproduce.

having err_internet_disconnected

found the fix