HSL (Color Join) default lightness

another very tiny wish for christmas:

it would be really helpful when the default value of the Lightness pin of HSL (Color Join) would be 0.5 and not 1.
cost about half an hour in each vvvvorkshop i did so far, because of people asking again and again why their quads are not colored, even if they spreaded the hue correctly.

one step further, we could discuss why color nodes’ default hues are different at all ( IOBox (Color) , HSL (Color Join) , HSV (Color Join) ). that’s VERY optional but could keep this thread on top :)

i tried to add values=“0.5” to the bin\nodelist.xml but it didn’t work.

wouldn’t be bad at all to have customizeable default values and settings per xml, eh?

and pleeeeeeeaaaaaase make config pins accessable for advanced users…

It annoys me too that the colours are white by default, but if we change it now, I fear some off us get in trouble when they wanted a white colour.

But access to config pins like Kalle said could work.

i can’t remember the last time that vvvv was backwards compatible; lets make the color node colorful by default.


just wanna say: for most of vvvv’s functionality we really try to get vvvv backwards compatible in each realease.
i know sometimes it is not. but it would be good to collect the issues, why it is not, to get more sensible for possible problems next time. it also might be that newly introduced bugs are correctly considered as not compatible. but there is no conceptional mistake i know of.

see the listed changes from version to version in the difff.xml file.

here all changes are documented: sometimes pin names or node names have changed. sometimes the default value of a pin has changed. and sometimes when a new default functionality is introduced the old functionality is preserverd in legacy nodes and modules.

i would argue that without this effort vvvv would be far less compatible with older versions and it would be annoying.

let’s discuss new default values for nodes here for releases still to come.