HowTo Texture -> cv Image?


I need to debayer the videosignal comming from my point grey flea camera capturing via the FlyCapture Node, therefore I would like to use the Debayer Shader done by @elektromeier)) … ((contribution:debayer-(ex9.texture-filter-bilinear).

As I have to do several other processing steps in the Cv.Image pipeline, I search for the fastest way to go from Cv.Image -> Ex9.Texture -> Cv.Image.

I tried it with the “AsRaw” but that was horrible slow (from 60fps to 2fps). Is there another way or should I do the whole debayering in the Cv.Image pipline? What would be the fastest way to do that?


Astexture node?
If you can’t see it among the current list try dragging the ‘VVVV.Nodes.OpenCV.dll’ file on to the patch space and it should come up in a list.

I know of the existence of the “AsTexture” Node. What I’m looking for is “AsImage (DX9.Texture)”.

I just realized that there is a “AsImage (DX11.Texture)” … I might try this one.

yes sorry, only for DX11