"HowTo Synchronize players between multiple PCs" isn't controlling client playback

I tried the Howto from the browser across my local network. ‘Synchronize framebased players’ worked so the network doesn’t seem to be the issue anymore. I would prefer to use this solution because it has actual controls. A video is in the zip.
Video Sync Probs.zip (1.8 MB)

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hm…what we don’t see on the video is whether the client actually has files loaded. ie does the duration output show something?

It did, it was a copy of the same directory, the files loaded ok. The duration was the same.

and you’re saying the framebased player example worked, while the timebased player did not, right?

Exactly, the transport controls aren’t doing anything.

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finally had a chance to test this again and cannot confirm your issues. both client and server apps need to be excempted from the firewall, then everything works fine here.

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