Howto store images in mysql

hi there,
what i want to do is to store an image onto a database and than load it back into vvvv.

i get the database node running; can send text and values - so far so good.
also i do manage to recieve images from the database and display them via dynamic-texture(string).

but i just can not figure out how to insert images.
when i try to convert the image >asstring< i am not able to send it to the database.
i think its because of > ()’ < figures occuring in the binary-data.
do i really need to regex and later re-regex the problematic figures??

please help…

is there no such thing like a re-byte node?

You should save the image file to a directory and only store a string of the path in the DB. It is much more efficient to do it this way.

You can usa AsString(Node) jpg to save data, and dinamicTexture to recover.

I dont use mysql node, but im sure it can work