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I’m having issues with the latest Gamma, (I’m playing with preview 308) and latest version of VL.Audio, when I run my mouse over the audio out pin I am getting an error. If I click on the output pin I am unable to connect it to anything new, basically rendering it unusable.

Same also happens with the almost any audio signal operator, or Audio player etc when running the mouse over the output pin.

Anyone else having the same issue?


Issue Text.pdf (101.9 KB)

Same here, just haven’t had the time yet to make a proper bug report.

I guess its something like the buffer of audio data that gets visualized is having trouble getting shared between the audio thread and the tooltip thread (neither are on the main thread) and that buffer is disposed of before it can be used to render a tooltip.
In the end it means either there needs to be a tweak on the tooltips in the Gamma preview or the VL.Audio Tooltips themselves need rewritten. I’d guess the former, but in the end, there isn’t much you can do

Cool, not just me then!

until this is fixed you can set “TooltipClassic” to true via the settings.

There’s a new version (0.2.24-alpha) of VL.Audio available which fixes a double disposal issue - can you please test again and see if it works for you now?

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Working beautifully now, thanks team!

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