Howto: control a skeleton made with the skeleton plugin with kinect

after a lot of trying-failing, searching and thinking i couldn’t figure out how to control accurately a same skeleton as the openni one made with Matthias Zauner’s skeleton plugin with kinect (output joints and orientations). basically i want to skin a mesh on the openni skeleton and the skinning part is already done by Zauner (skinning.fx) and i don’t really have time for reinventing the wheel just because i couldn’t move the data between 2 systems.
So anyone can help me out with this?

ok at the end i recreated the skinning but i still don’t know how to use the orientations. i calculated the orientations from the joints but then the bodyparts are twisted on local z axis. basically i want to fix that. so how to eliminate the rotation on the local z axis (roll)?
it would be important today the show will be tomorrow:S

upload your project, i have the kinect, i didt try this before but i can try to help

it’s not that easy…
first of all there is transform pin on your mesh, disconnect it then you will see where you pupet faced…
And remeber bones are really special hierarchy of transforms…

antokhio: i know it’s not that easy i’ve been reading and experimenting with it for a week by now:P
vjc4: well it’s quite messy and a bit bigger project. the patch is not really human readable right now and it’s busted as hell. we will switch to plan B using a 2D mesh and a way simpler stuff. thanks anyway

microdee still i want to learn on how to control a sekeleton from 3dsmax, i need to make the model and the skeleton inside and what else ? or at least to do it in 2d
can you give me some tips on where to start ?

yea headbang and stop use max ;]
as i mentioned first of all there is transform pin on your mesh, disconnect it then you will see where you pupet faced… problem that mesh base transform dosn’t affect skeleton, so with max version of space you get it faced pretty much strange… so then you will have to rig it in skeleton space then apply transform… but that all good but dosn’t work because on my memory (not complaining about wasted time on that suxxx program) it dosn’t export you the local bone orientation, meaning all your bones are in pivot of your model, making it uslees

so i need to model each part deparated ? whats whe workaround ?
i mean, its imposible to achive something like this on vvvv ?

workaround is maya, but that all dosn’t work out of box, have it own rules and in the end madness of tricks and things that dosn’t work…

HI i would say it is very posible to do something like in the video with vvvv, i was incharge to do a robot for a dj as well some years ago no kinect staff yet so my aproach was with acelerometer arduino and collada plug , My friend david did the mesh after some tweking in 3dmax was not easy.

later kinect came and things got nicer and less cables , here the master Matthias did this when no kinect plug in vvvv.

I,ll try to do a kinect version ,will report if any good .


@colorsound any good? :)

continued here: for Kinect2