How where to learn?

i’ve done the tutorials on this web and they are cool , but is there any more tutorials on the web ? video tutorials ? normal pdf tutorials ?

how can i continue learning ?

  • learning by doing
  • see user tutorials
  • ask questions in this nice, helpful forum
  • hit F1 on selected nodes to see their helpfiles (though some have none…)

what are you missing?
what do you want to learn?
what are your questions?

Also look at the girlpower folder and start messing with the patch in it. Think about what u want to do before starting vvvv. Look at each user pages on the wiki.

…and give yourself a task. an idea. inspiration. anything you have seen or you think your computer is able to do. there is no tutorial better than that.

we are your help file.


we are your helpfile.

that’s a pretty good slogan!

the vvvvraternity-medal goes to majortom

What helped for me was to try and get in contact with the vvvveterans (PM, IRC, Skype, MSN, e-mail), and show them some off your patches.

Specialy when you are beginning, you can do a thing the hard way and the easy way, both ways will work. Beginners are tend to do stuff the hard way, mostly because the lack of knowledge about the existing nodes. (how many nodes are there anyway??)

Also a nice page to learn some stuff: Some Tips, Hints and Tricks

All the people are saw here are very helpfull.