How track image to the hand with kinect?

Good day, folks!
Help me please - i want to track something image to the hand or to another part of body with kinect. How to do this? May be with special object ID?
I saw this tutorial with kinect & OSC
but it’s for Quarz composer, for MAC. I haven’t MAC:D, i’m PC user.
How can i do somthing like this?

Another question - how to connect 3D object with kinect? To manipulate with model.
Like in this example:


check out the kinect help files, skeleton should do this. you can get the position of various body parts.

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And for anpther example check out this patch by Prototyping Interfaces -

As for controlling a 3D object with the Kinect. My guess is they imported a collada file collada and connected it with the positions you retrieve from the Skeleton Node skeleton (kinect microsoft).