How to work with github and VL

I know this is an extremely generic question but I didn’t find anything regarding to this topic. In an effort to reform and set my question I would say that it is not very clear for me what I should do in order to contribute on an existing VL lib or to create a new one (not the git steps but where I should clone or put my repos).
In particular, shall I clone the repo I want to contribute at on my VL/libs and start from there or I can use a random folder on my driver and load everytime the vl patches I want, what is the best thing to do, especially when it comes to more complex packs like VAudio ?

A secondary (bonus) question - somehow related to this topic, regarding to development- is what about the “hybrid” libs like the VL ones who are being extended by modules in vvvv. Should they be characterized as VL and be added to the libs folder or they should remain under my packs or any other contribution’s eternal folder (like VAudio for instance) ?

do i correctly understand that you are asking for the general git workflow? vvvv/VL is not different from any other code on github. normal rules apply, you create a fork and then work with that. when you have changes, you make a local branch, push that to your fork and then you create pull requests to the original repository:


also instead of command line, which every tutorial seems to use, it’s much more easy to use GitExtensions UI:

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except when it comes to resolving conflicts, but it’s a huge colossal inherent problem of node based languages.

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i’ve added 3 new pages to the gray book that hopefully cover most of your questions:

please let us know if anything is unclear.


Thanks to all of you, I am aware (more or less) how is the github workflow in general, my question concerns more on how to work with VL specifically, since there are many things going on from the latest updates (gamma) like for instance the duplicated libs under my documents that are being created if I touch a nuget package. But before go there, staying on the github thing, the most important for me was to understand where to deploy the cloned repos and work with them in order to avoid conflicts and update them properly.

can you elaborate on that?

i’ve written some things regarding this here:

@Joreg I noticed that the last time that I was playing with VL.Animation.ParticleSystem
and changed some of it core things (like introducing new modifiers or changing the MutableParticle definition) I had all of my changes added under myDocuments/VL/packageName , I can be wrong cause I had to delete this and copy it back to my nuget installation (under vvvv folder) because otherwise I couldnt use my newly added patches. Does this make sense ?

i’m afraid not. i don’t recall this ever being a location where vvvv would save things automatically. some time ago it would save Autobackups to Documents\VL\Autobackups, but since this has also moved to Documents\vvvv\gamma-preview\Autobackup

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