How to use imageShaders stride

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what are the imageShaders like HSBCShader for and how are they applied? I figured for standard TextureFX I can use for example the HSCB TextureFX (experimental). But I cant find any example on how to use the [stride.rendering.imageshaders]
I checked the two “how to write Shaders” examples and figured I can connect them to “IRenderer” datatype but I am stuck there…

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Consider them an oversight on our part. They should’ve been kept internal because we didn’t really build any supporting nodes around them. They are internally already used by the texture fx nodes but for you as a user not documented and hard to use. I believe in the next release they’re also already hidden away.

they are basically the shader without automatic renderer and resource management. sometimes the automatic rendering is not what you need in a more complex GPU scenario.

so there are cases where you need to control when exactly the texture rendering is happening and on what resources. then you can connect the image shader to a Group (Rendering) in your setup and specify when it should render, e.g. before/after another shader is executed.

but for everyday texture processing, this is almost never needed.

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