How to use DX11 compile shader feature

I was not dreaming (I hope) when I listened vux saying something like:

“and now, you can compile shaders, I have a shader that takes pretty much to load (30 minutes), now I can load the compiled version”

followed by a loud acclamation. Cool, awesome, but, how to do it?

There is a “path” hidden field in a dx11 shader inspector, and a “compile” bang, but prolly I’m missing something.

My question is: Oh, almighty devvvvs! how to load a compiled a shader?

Well, as we say in Italy, I will sing this song and play it as well.

I asked at dottore, it is pretty easy but I think it is worth to share it.

Fill the “path” field (you can find it in the inspector of a dx11 shader) with C:\the\absolute\path\of\the\shader.fxc that is the absolute path of the shader but changing the extension in .fxc (c stands for compiled), then bang the (hidden) doSave pin.

Cool, thx.

thanks fibo!