How to use DrawColorParticleShader with PointCloud node from VL.IO.PLY

Hello there.
Trying to play with pointclouds, and in my last post, bjoern pointed out that I was missing DrawColoredParticlesSahder node
I just don’t know where and how to plug that in, as there is no documentation attached…
If someone could guide me, it would be nice. thanks…!

What I meant by that is that you did not include the shader file when attaching your patch in the other thread. It is used in the Draw node. It’s the same file @sebescudie told you to manually copy in this thread:

Aaaaaaah! Okay! I thought I had to use it as a node somewhere! Ok. It makes sense! Thanks! And sorry for my ignorances. For the shader part, I did not attach it as my point of the threadwas more about the center of the pointcloud! But I get it! Thank you!