How to translate separate letters? (project with text)

hi, i’m quite new in vvvv and i have a trouble with translating separate letters in words.
i can change the size of each letter with TextMetrics, but it doesn’t allow to change the coordinates.

do you know any ways how to do that?

hello yu,

here is one way to do it with GlyphInfo (String).

there are other ways to do this, and i would be curious to see some alternative solutions / suggestions.

also, if you don’t have the requirement for dynamic strings, there should be even more ways to accomplish this.

TransformChars.v4p (131.4 kB)

hello, reaktant!
it seems to be what i need, but my laptop doesn’t support dx11 and i can’t run the example when i add dx9 text and renderer(
and i can’t understand why, maybe i’m missing some lines.
could you fix it a bit to dx9?

it really were just those 2 nodes that had to be changed.

things you might have missed:

  • Text node needs the inputs for Transform and String
  • Renderer needs the Camera attached with View and Perspective

some tips for debugging in vvvv:

  • hovering above pins shows you some valuable info
  • starting connections shows you where a connection is possible
  • pressing F1 on a selected node shows you a help patch, try it for Text and Renderer
  • work your way upwards from bottom to top and try to find the exact spot where things break

check out some documentation + tutorials here:


and feel free to ask again if you’re stuck.

TransformChars_DX9.v4p (131.2 kB)

yes, i’ve missed the connection between switch and text, now it’s working.
thanks a lot!!