How to transform Slices into one String?


I’m trying to code some string manipulation patch where the input string is split into slices containing one letter each (using the “split (String)” node). After some manipulation with the ascii codes I would like to build up a string again, but unfortunately my solution so far - using “GetSlice” and the “+ String” node - is not very flexible as I have to fix the number of incoming slices.
So here’s my question:
Is there any node which is able to build up a string out of a varying (!) amount of incoming slices (linked to the length of the input string) ? This might sound like a typical newbie question but after 2 hours of browsing the available nodes without finding an appropiate one I’m quite desperate now. (I also stumbled upon the “stallone” node but as far as I get it it this node only delivers another spread instead of just a string).

mr purple.

have you checked + (String Spectral) ?

Shame on me !
I knew it would be somewhere.
Exactly what I needed. Sometimes the overwhelming variety of nodes is just too confusing.
Thanks for the fast answer.

mr purple.