How to transform mesh whild using DrawShaderGraph?

Dear guys.

I m still study the basic knowledge of Fuse.
Here I just used a DrawShaderGraph to create a simple effect. But how can I rotate this teapot mesh in this case?


This looks like a bug, the WorldViewProjection should include the world matrix that you connect to the entity.

Have a look at the help patch “Patch a shader” there it works as expected with ShaderFX nodes. Maybe fuse hasn’t implemented that yet?

a quick fix, for now, is to additionally multiply the Position with another matrix before you multiply it with the WorldViewProjection.

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Thanks, tonfilm!
I checked the help patch “Patch a shader”.

It seems it also does not work with “RenderEntity” node, but works with the “DrawFXGraph” node. Because “DrawFXGraph” has a “Transfprmation” pin.

Yes. I will try your idea, thanks

This should be fixed with the next version

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