How to setup my laptop and one beamer for live performance?

i have a question regarding the setup of my laptop which has one VGA output and the beamer iam pluging in that output.

i allready figured out, how to make the beamer the first display and my laptop monitor the second. so i can have the beamer running one renderer at fullscreen.

but the problem is, when i open a new patch it will open in the beamer display and not in the laptop display, so i cant do any live changes in the patch? or rather i have to close the fullscreen window and have to drag my patch manually to my laptop display.

can someone help me out on this, or point me in the right direction?

have a nice day.

just keep the laptop monitor the primary screen and the beamer the second screen.

then drag the render window to the second screen and make it fullscreen there… voila

thx for the fast reply but…

that was my first approach, but it did not work. renderer window to second display gives me some dragging glitches and a white renderer.


any other ideas.

which version of vvvv are you running and are you using queue (EX9.Texture)?

no i dont use queue (EX9.Texture).

currently iam useing 45beta25. i will try it with my pc monitor, cause i dont have a beamer around right now and then i will upgrade to the new version and then i will try again.

thx so far

yes, especially beta25 was quite buggy, beta25.1 fixed a lot of the trouble with 25 but go for 26 that one is even better

so i tested it with beta25 and i think i found the problem, sry iam stupid, i started vvvv and then set the beamer projektion method, but i should have done step 2 at first. so i hope that was my silly mistake and it is now working with a beamer too. cause i just tested it with my monitor.

sorry for wasting your time.
but thanks for your help.