How to set minimum and maximum Inspector parameters of IOBox to dynamic values?

I tried to click on the left white box near Minimum parameter to expose it as input, but it seems to be special. How to do it?

Or how to automatically adjust Minimum-Maximum range to the data?

the short answer: not possible

the long answer: possible maybe if you use setpatch and create the iobox dynamically with the correct xml tags


Thank you. Do you know why are these parameters so special?

It seems to be nice way to show small debug graph of big spread.

I can use renderer in a box for this, is it recommended way?

The minimum and maximum values of an IObox are ONLY for right-click/drag purposes. So you would set it 0.000 - 1.0000 for colors, but perhaps -43 to +20 to play with volume.

This is a bit old:

But here I tell about the 3 parts of the inspector, set-up, input and output.
There is a reason you can not change the setup of node from the outside.

What you want is a map value.